Kiran Chahal 

Kiran Chahal 

The Made Up Collective are an ever growing group of socially active Artists engaging with communities to transform spaces through Public Art Interventions, Events, Workshops and lots of stuff in between. 

The Collective was founded by Kiran Chahal, after 15 years of experience working with Public Health Authorities, Construction Companies, Architects, fellow Artists, and a huge cross section of communities.  We work across Art Forms, as a group of Visual Artists, Musicians, Poets, Dancers, and other Creatives, harnessing different ways of communicating and connecting from project to project.

We are passionate about embedding creativity into peoples daily lives, adding playfulness, possibility, love and understanding into spaces and moments whilst empowering those who inhabit them.

So far this has manifested into a 200sqm Pallet Pavilion made out of surplus materials: a pop up creative community space which over the Summer of 2014 housed 6 weeks of free community events. We've helped volunteers produce year long weekly community feasts from surplus food as 'People's Kitchen'. Transformed a number of Mental Health Departments so they function and feel better, made up events after week long workshops printing t-shirts, making instruments, head dresses, teaching face painting, and cooking...  Set up a year long design workshop offering free sessions in screen printing and photoshop, which culminated in 500m of artworks trailing over town centre construction hoardings...  

...The list is pretty long and eclectic... and not half as informative as you simply wandering through the images on this website... and finding out stuff for yourself... If you need any more information just contact us... if you'd like to collaborate... find out how we did certain things... or just share some words... please do... cause connecting through creativity is our favourite thing.


Finalist- Best Use of Art in Public Spaces- 2013 Placemaking Awards- UP!Barking Town Centre Artworks